Darrow Mustafa PC is committed to and values diversity in both the workplace and the community. We recognize the value that diverse backgrounds, educations, opinions, and perspectives can bring to the table and the effectiveness it can have in solving problems. The concept of diversity centers around two things: acceptance and respect. Particularly, it is the acceptance and respect of differences, and the exploration of these differences in a safe and positive environment. Darrow Mustafa PC makes a conscious effort every day to provide this type of environment, and looks to build upon it even more in the future. 


Minority and Women Internship for Engineering Students Interested in Patent Law

The Minority and Women Internship Program at Darrow Mustafa PC provides engineering students an opportunity to explore and learn about a career as a patent attorney or agent.

Students will be exposed to patents, the process by which patents are procured, and the enforcement and licensing of patents.  Student will begin to understand the patent application process and learn the steps and procedures required to secure a patent for invention.  Students will be exposed to a variety of technology areas while reviewing inventions submitted by engineers and inventors.  As a part of the process, students will learn to search for prior art and discover how to determine if an invention is patentable. 

This in-depth exposure to the patent process and patent law will allow the student to decide if he or she is interested in a career in patent law. 

  • The paid internship is for 10 to 12 weeks and will take place during the summer at our office located in Northville, MI.

  • Students must be enrolled in an engineering program and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

  • The internship is open to Juniors and Seniors in an undergraduate program and graduate students.

  • Students with a background in computer engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science are preferred. 

  • Women and Minorities are encouraged to apply.

  • The pay will vary for the internship will vary based on experience and education level, but will generally be $22/hour for undergraduates. 

Interested students may submit a cover letter, resume, and transcripts to careers@darrowmustafa.com.